Madpy released - η τρελλή πίτα εκδόθηκε

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Χαιρετω την φίλτατη πιγκουινο κοινοτητα.

Μολις εστειλα ένα mail sto mailing list του mod_python και μπορει να ενδιαφερει και εσάς περι

madpy και πρώτης ανοικτου κώδικα εκδοσης του :

Hello to all.

I am very pleased to announce the first release of MADPY, a cms built on mod_python , under an open source license (bsd) .
It was just released today so there is not so much info on
the site. However you can find an installation manual .
Site's address is
I am working on madpy for nearly 2 years and already have deployed 4 sites on top of it.
Some characteristics in short that may interest you are:

1.It uses Postgresql as DB backend and cheetah as templating engine.
It also uses psycopg2 , pil , and PyRSS2Gen.

It has an MVC like mechanism named madata (see lib/madata and most of 
   edit actions in content_types objects like lib/content_types/

3. Built for multilingual sites,

4. Aims to be simple to debug and understand.

5. Url to object mapping and clean url's


Feel free to join in , if you have any questions or you are interested and like to contribute in some way.

A forum  will also be set up.
To download first version 0.2.beta pls visit

For installation instructions see INSTALL.TXT inside the tarball or visit:

Thimios Katsoulis

τα λέμε
Θύμιος Κατσούλης

Αν σας αρέσει λοιπόν το web development και η "καθαρότητα" της python ριξτε του μια ματια.

Δώσε αστέρια!

Μπράβο Θύμιο!

Where is the ripcord, the trap door, the key?
Where is the cartoon escape-hatch for me?

Φαίνεται απίστευτη δουλειά που χρειάστηκε πολύ κόπο, χρόνο (και ίσως ανοχή γκρίνιας διαφόρων :-p )

εύγε, εύγε

Δημιουργήθηκε και ένα demo site στο οπου μπορειτε να κάνετε login σαν administrator ή σαν απλός χρήστης και να πάρετε μια γευση.