H Qt αλλάζει σε LGPL

Constantinos | Πέμ, 03/05/2009 - 21:14 | 2'

Καποτε τα καλα νεα & γενικα την ενημερωση, τη τηρουσαμε σε αυτο το φορουμ.

Κριμα που ξεχαστηκε..

Ας ειναι... Η ειδηση, αν δε κανω λαθος ειναι & στο τευχος(ELF) Μαρτιου'09, μα ειναι ιδιατερως σημαντικη & σιγουρα φερνει εξελιξεις:

Η Νοkia αλλαζει την αδεια της Qt σε LPGL

Nokia has announced plans to make the open source Qt toolkit available
under GNU's Lesser General Public License (LGPL), alongside the
existing GPL and commercial licensing options. This change could
significantly boost Qt adoption, redefine the economics of
cross-platform programming, and dramatically reshape the landscape of
commercial application development on the Linux desktop.
Changing the game

Nokia's decision to adopt the LGPL for Qt will eliminate the cost barrier, making it possible for
developers to freely use Qt for proprietary application development.
This in turn will significantly expand the number of developers who are
using the toolkit and will also attract involvement from companies that
find the permissiveness of the LGPL appealing. The impact of these
changes could be enormous.


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